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She gets a matching ring gag forced in her mouth. We drilled her on defining her curriculum, why she is this year's best newcomer as she wipes the mat with Madeline. She seems to start enjoying every trust and shove she gets with the massive rubber toy. You can see her lovely pussy being punished. Madeline knows she is going nowhere. Her to the clothes rack.

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Naive Valerie missed two last gymnastics trainings without good excuse. Valerie licks Laura's ass and sticks her finger deep in her pussy while tied to a sawhorse, she is punished more and fucked. He would do a good job, but I had no idea we wanted to water to be cold to get those nipples nice and perky. We get to see it run down and off those big beautiful breasts she has.

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During the interview she mentioned she was claustrophobic, which saved me the trouble of coming up with what to do first. She sat in the corner and watched as a pair of wooden posts were erected in the middle of the room. She could barely fit, so I had to lean on the grate to keep it down until I could lock it shut.

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She loves bondage and bdsm play and is a true piece of meat is tightly bound and then her bound body is sprayed with cum. Irene is a true piece of meat slave, pain slut and masochist. This bimbo gets absolutely humiliated by the young cleaner! Irene has two long slowly building orgasms in this predicament.

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Tied tightly with her hands up high Roma struggles in the rope. A ball gag is picked up from the dirty floor and shoved into her mouth when she does not show respect to her Dominant.

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The large ball in the harness gag she was wearing was causing her to drool profusely. With her elbows roped together, and her voluptuous breasts are bared. At first I wasn't sure how it would turn out. Later, she thinks the villainess is her client and gets her to suck on her gorgeous tits and lick her ass! She is strap-on fucked, forced to cum, and punished for ripping her gloves.

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They turn a lovely shade of purple. Amanda is brought to the edge of the table as she struggles. She is a lovely defenseless sight. Amanda is bound barefoot in tight blue jeans and a sweater. Then mounted like a mule as Amanda gives her a good spanking.

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